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allie! i gave up on my unfinished christmas knitting. i just finished amy's socks last weekend and i still cant figure out how to line her bag its upsetting - i need a good seamstress!

i just saw Brokeback Mountain...mmhmm... nuff said... ;)



Mm, chocolate croissants. I haven't had one since 2nd year. How weird that I can recall the last time I ate a chocolate croissant?

I am still surprised by how good Capote was, which includes the stellar performance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. While I found Capote's voice completely irritating at times, it was so well done that I actually forgot I was watching an actor. My Dad has leant me "In Cold Blood" after our lunch meeting yesterday so I plan to read it asap.

And oh was that popcorn addictive. I was full on the greasy real butter too soon.

I just cast on my first pair of socks! I've always been afraid of becoming addicted to making them and now it may become a reality. Are you doing the knitting olympics?


Also, I am geeking out over this:

As well as the knitting needles that light up so you can knit in the dark and see what you're doing. Holy crap.


Last choc. c. I had was when D&J lived N. of St. Clair and he was working at Carrot on weekends. I'd pick him up very early and we'd go to 2nd Cup across from Carrot and I'd get a cc and coffee. I was addicted to them.

As for Capote--I saw In Cold Blood last night and that was good timing because I'm going with a group this aft to see Capote.

I am knitting again. Finished a Xmas scarf for a friend and she loved it. She was wearing the last scarf I knit her 3 or 4 years ago. She didn't know I was knitting her a new one and was delighted--matched her hat.

Made a mistake on a sweater I am knitting--I will have to CUT the yarn to repair. I have never done that before. I am totally horrified.

Looking forward to seeing finished sox you are making.

BTW what happened to your holiday photos?

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